Crumbs: Letting Go, Looking Up, and Finding Your Very Best Life

I don’t often eat cake, but when I do, I like to eat it for breakfast. Nothing too sweet, no sugary frosting (I’m more of a butter girl). But if there’s an extra little slice leftover, I’m much more likely to enjoy it with an early morning cup of coffee than after a full dinner (isn’t that the worst time for dessert? We need to rethink this…).

Earlier this month was one such cake-for-breakfast day. I happily sliced off a piece with an attitude of daring excitement (quite the rule-breaker, I am). Spying two large pug-eyes staring up at the cake I decided we’d both get a little treat that morning and sliced off a chunk for the dog. As I picked up her piece a few crumbs fell to the floor. Gidgit lost her mind–scrounging on the floor, snorting, desperate to get every last crumb, panicked someone else might get them first. All the while I’m calling her name, and even patting her on the head, trying to get her to look up to see that I’m holding an entire piece just for her.

So often this is us. We’re so busy scraping for crumbs that we won’t look up and see the better thing that God is holding out to us.

We’re scraping for the right house in the right neighborhood, and for the right furniture to fill that house, so we can solidify the identity we think we need. We’re scraping for the right job at the right firm, for recognition and a platform and a following. This is what I need—to be secure, valued, and worthwhile, we think.

And while we’re frantically trying to to find approval and meaning, God calls our names and gently pats our heads, saying, “Hey! Up here! If you’d just look at me you’d see I have something so much better—you’re after scraps, I’ve got a whole friggin cake here with your name on it. Keep your eyes on me and you’ll find better than you can imagine.”

The best part? He’s freely holding it out to us. We don’t have to SCRAPE for it. We don’t have to TRY so hard. In fact, the secret to our very-best-life is simple: set your feet to follow Jesus, keep your eyes on God, and the Spirit in your heart. When we’re not so worried about fighting for a place, elbowing others out of the way, and getting our cut, we find that we’re able to actually rest.

And relax.

And slow down.

And breathe.

And suddenly, what do you know, we’re moving forward with grace—no more scraping and sweating. Our footing is sure. Our value determined. We’re not so worried anymore—we’re not living under a crushing anxiety to perform and impress. We’re just following Jesus, one step at a time. Our eyes are set on better things, bigger things, God-things. And the Spirit-in-us is shining through in the form of peace, goodness, kindness, and love.

Kindreds, is there a better way to live?

What are you scraping for?  
What do you need to let go of in order to look up and notice what God is holding out to you?