Crunchy Herbs and Faithfulness

Jen Wise // Whole Faith // Devotional

Like many of you, I’ve been in and out through the summer. When we returned home from vacation I immediately noticed that while the WEEDS had grown like crazy, most of my herb garden had died. Except for my rosemary, which just barely had a hint of green.

I watered it right away, and the next morning… and it didn’t look any better. I almost tossed it, but decided to give it more time. I watered it another day, and another… And it felt a little less crunchy. I watered some more, and it began to look a bit healthier.

I watered it a few more days and I’m happy to tell you I was able to snip a branch for our pizza last week.

Now, I realize none of you were agonizing over the drama of my herb garden the last few weeks, but I share this with you because I’ve been feeling a bit depleted myself. Spiritually speaking, I’ve had a lot in common with this poor plant. And each morning as I sat on my patio with my coffee I felt God nudge me and say, “Keep watering, just a little at a time. I can nurture the life that’s still there.”

If you’re in this spot, keep watering. If you can’t pray, just sit in silence—sometimes all we can muster is a small nod for a prayer. Download the YouVersion Bible app and just read the verse of the day. It’s super short. Find time to rest, and keep showing up on Sunday morning—be encouraged by the faith and life of your spiritual family. 

We don’t have to be super strong, and we don’t need a big grand gesture to “get back on track.” We just need to water, a little at a time, and God will nurture the life that’s still there.