Don't Rush Summer Playlist

Jen Wise / Playlist / Style

It’s not over yet. We still have a few weeks left of summer… there’s still time for daytrips to the shore, pop-up beer gardens, and flying down the highway with the windows down belting out Hanson songs with your friends.

I’m always a little too anxious for the fall. I start wearing sweaters when it’s 80 degrees and feel agitated about all this non-productivity (Enough fun! Let’s get to work!”… what is wrong with me?!). This year though, I’m committed to enjoying summer to the very end. I’m still staying out too late with friends. I’m still lazing at the pool. I’m enjoying slow mornings on the patio with nowhere to rush off to. And this is my soundtrack for it all… snag my songs, and if you have any for me to add send me a note. xo.