Harry Potter, Cosmo Kramer, and The Hand of God

Jen Wise // Restoration Living on  Harry Potter

The accuracy of the test depended on complete honesty – and I took it seriously. I knew some of the answers immediately, but others required a certain amount of self-reflection. I’d pause, and consider, “Who am I at the core? Which of these options is my real self?” I was, after all, wanting to be placed in the correct house at Hogwarts.

(If you’ve ever wondered if I am cool and hip, you now have your answer. No. No I’m not.)

So yes, I spent real time, and earnest effort, completing a Harry Potter quiz online. Partially, because my kids thought they could peg my house and I wanted to see if they were correct – and partially because I, like most of you, have this intrinsic desire to understand myself, to discover any hidden insights to point in the right direction. 

As I moved through the questions, one in particular gave me pause. It asked, “Think of the question you would most like answered, by a person or an all-knowing being or device. Which of the following most closely resembles the answer you’d like to hear?” Of the many options, two caught my attention. The first was this:

Jen Wise // Restoration Living on Harry Potter

At first glance, this was the clear choice. I mean, this is where the very large majority of my prayers aim. I want God to just tell me the answers, give me the information, show me what’s happening. As I navigate struggles, and choices, and parenting, and career, I feel like Kramer filling in for the movie phone, “Why don’t you just TELL me what I’m supposed to do next!?” 

I was sure that this was my answer. 
Yes! This is what I want! This is what I’ve always wanted!
But for good measure I clicked through the remaining options. 

That’s when I saw this: 

Jen Wise // Restoration Living on Harry Potter

And somewhere deep inside I knew that this was exactly what God has been saying to me all along. I keep asking for information and answers. I stress and worry and beg and plead, because really if I just knew a little more, had a little insight, I could make a plan – I'd be ok.  And through all of this, he keeps offering me his hand, telling me that I can find everything I truly want and need in him, if I’ll walk with him. 

Because God isn’t just an all-knowing being who doles out information and knowledge if we just ask the right way. God is relational, a person. His desire is to walk alongside us, care for us, guide us, and see us live out the bright potential that’s planted within. 

So maybe we’re approaching God all wrong. Maybe our prayers should look more like the most honest and vulnerable conversations. And maybe we read scripture slowly, and listen, and feel, rather than hoping for a verse to answer our questions and deliver new religious knowledge. Maybe the best way to grow, to move forward, is with God – rather than just shouting up to the heavens for further instructions. 

Let’s take the hand he’s extending to us, and leave behind our self-sufficient facts and figures. Let’s find that we have all we need in him, when we walk with him. 

Jen Wise // Restoration Living on Harry Potter

Oh, and the kids were correct: #Ravenclaw4life. Also, last weekend at the Harry Potter Festival I was again, sorted into Ravenclaw by an official sorting hat. So it's pretty legit.

Pictured: insane woman being way too excited about her house placement. Cheers!