Summer Bookshelf: Recent, Current, and Upcoming Reads

Jen Wise // Summer Bookshelf & Reading Recommendations

My heart belongs to Mindy Kaling.

Recommended to me, now I recommend to you. (Also, the only Stephen King book I'm brave enough to read.)

I'm reading this with my Bast Preaching Cohort. Caring for words, reading about words, and discussing words. Fellow nerds may enjoy. 

Highly recommended by a book-loving friend.  My pre-order arrives in TWO DAYS and I can hardly wait.

NT Wright + letters from Peter = BIG WIN

What's not to love here? Food, bizarre art, and a musical icon. 


Alan Bradley books are a fun little escape. Easy to dive into, old school appeal, and they look pretty sitting on your nightstand (that matters, right?). 

My family and I are reading through the series together... next stop, The Goblet of Fire.