Ten: A (Free) Journal For a New Season of Grace & Courage

Jen Wise // Free Printable Journal & Devotional

September is my New Years. I’m thinking about a legit celebration this year – champagne, sparklers, the midnight kiss.

No matter my age, no matter how many years have passed since I was a student, I still mark time by the school year. And the fall still feels like the exciting beginning of a new rhythm. It’s all crisp and energetic, and it doesn’t have that weird let down of January 1st, where after a month-solid of eating and drinking, you step out, sluggish and pale, into the freezing cold sleepiness of mid-winter. It’s no wonder those resolutions fail.

But September… September holds promise. It’s bursting with potential.

Here’s the thing though: all that potential is a bit much for us to handle with grace. We see it coming and suddenly we’re all “I’m going to the gym every morning!” and “My kids will practice their instruments 3 hours per day!” and “After dinner walks!” and “Bible studies! Meetings! Events! Hosting! Serving! Go! Go! Go!”

Is it any wonder we live in a constant state of burn out and disappointment?

What if we try something new this year? What if instead of going NUTS crafting an impressive calendar, we spend some time on our souls? What if we take some quiet time to pray, to reflect, and to consider what it would mean to enter this new season with grace, with courage?

Join me on this ten-day journey – let’s find a new rhythm this year, a steady, healthy one that allows rest, sweetens friendships, and inspires joy. And then we can tackle those calendars.