Celebrate With Me: Pre-Order My New Book Today!

Jen Wise The Bright Life

It’s HERE! I am so excited to share MY VERY FIRST BOOK with you! I have never poured so much of myself into a project—these pages are my heart. These pages are our journey from out-of-control crazy to a place of health and peace. These pages tell of a tough climb and a total surrender. Not perfection, (as if), but learning that the bright life we really want is OURS if we just stop trying so hard.  

PRE-ORDER NOW from Amazon or Barnes and Noble. This sweet thing releases January 8th, and every single pre-order helps get it further out in the world. Pre-order today and you will forever have a very real spot in my heart. <3 

I am so excited and honored and blown away right now. It’s real, friends. Thank you for your support and sweet community. XOXO