The Most Boring Prodigal

Jen Wise / Restoration / Holistic Christianity

I’ve realized recently that I am possibly the most boring prodigal ever. I don’t have any dramatic stories and I’ve never lived a wild, party-girl lifestyle.

But I have turned from God in subtle ways.

I’ve given up on his timeline and plan.
I’ve refused to trust that he has our best interest at heart.
I’ve kept him at arms length—afraid to be let down.

And in some ways, being a boring prodigal is almost more dangerous—because it’s so easy to not turn back around. It’s so easy to not RUN back into God’s open arms when we’ve never stormed off, just quietly taken a few steps back.

But I invite you to join me in being open to the Holy Spirit bringing to light the ways we’ve turned from God, and to envision him waiting with open arms.

Because the interesting thing about God’s forgiveness is that most of us are much quicker to preach it to others, than we are to accept it ourselves.

And it’s almost easier for us to believe God forgives “big dramatic sins” than it is to believe he’ll forgive us for our complacency, arrogance, or lack of faith.

But whether our sins are dramatic or mundane, visible or invisible, he offers forgiveness and a fresh start for each of us, even for the most boring prodigals.