The Only Two Chocolate Cakes You'll Find in My Oven

Jen Wise // Chocolate Cake

It’s not that I dislike chocolate – it’s that sometimes chocolate desserts feel a bit like the lowest common denominator. If you throw enough chocolate and sugar into a recipe, the general population will consume without question or discernment.

Eaters, (this means everyone), when you take a bite of dessert, do a favor for yourself and pause to consider is this good, is it WORTH EATING, is there anything noteworthy happening here? If any of these answers is a ‘no’, consider not cleaning your plate. This may be a good time to take the advice of one of my all-time favorite quotes: “I don’t like food, I LOVE it. If I don’t love it, I don’t swallow.” (Bonus points if you know where this quote appears.)

There is one complication though, one half of my family really loves chocolate. And since food is one of my primary love languages, there’s just no way I can confine our goodies to tarts and pies and other fruit-and-butter desserts.

So, if you’re the chocolate type, or love someone who is, I have good news. I’ve found two fantastic chocolate cakes that satisfy a sweet tooth, without sacrificing ingenuity and sophistication.

The first is this classic from Martha Stewart. It’s a cinch to make, gives off an impressive air, and tastes like a chocolate infused cloud. I’ve been baking this cake for years, and because it’s flourless, it doesn't sit heavy, and can satisfy even my gluten-free friends.

Next up is this brand new recipe from Food 52. I was immediately intrigued by this cake because of the unique frosting – I had to try it, and I’m so glad I did. The cake has an almost pudding like slant, SO MOIST. In fact, I just scarfed a half-piece after returning home with a post-yoga-maniacal-level-hunger, and it was still delicious and creamy on day two.

We’re entering the season of sweets and treats – if we’re going to consume the goodies, let’s make something worthwhile and innovative.

If you have any favorite chocolate goodies, I’d love to check them out. Perhaps I can add another one or two to my repertoire.

Happy Baking! xoxo