Listen to This Sermon on Sin... No, For Real

Jen Wise / Restoration, Sermon, Holistic Faith

Sin. Ugh, right? When we show up to church and "sin" is the topic, we usually know what we're going to hear. I'm not sure that I have ever, EVER, truly enjoyed a sermon on sin. Until this new series at my church. In much the same was as CS Lewis's The Problem of Pain overwhelmed me with God's love, this sermon, on sin, will stir something altogether separate deep in your heart.

It's almost difficult to choose which to share, but I've done the hard work for you guys (you're welcome). Click here while you sip your coffee, drive to work, or go for a jog.

Thanks to Jared Ayers, preacher-extraordinaire, for this awesome word. I give it two jazz hands.