When Cheese and Chocolate Fall in Love

Jen Wise / Recipe / Cheese and Chocolate

Tis the season for dessert and sweets and chocolate and baked goods and candy. Halloween to Valentine’s Day is just non-stop treats… it’s all a bit overwhelming. We’re just a week into the revelry and I’m already feeling fatigued. Except for this one special little delight: cheese & chocolate. It’s the perfect combo of sweet and salty, and it won’t leave you and your guests in a sugar coma.

As a bonus, it couldn’t be simpler. Set out a wedge of delicious comte cheese (so delicious in fact, that cheeseburglars sell it on the black market!) and a jar of high quality chocolate spread. We love to pair  Stonewall Kitchen’s Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramel sauce with Symphony Comte... If you can't find comte cheese, experiment with other firm, nutty cheeses. It's a winning combo, and the simplest sweet treat around. XO